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Arrange Charter Flights To Bring In People Or Cargo

Do you have a need for an experienced bush pilot to get around Fort Nelson, British Columbia? Charter a flight or a trip with Mackenzie Mountain Aviation Corp., located on the east slope of the Rocky Mountains. We can easily transport travelers out to Fort Nelson or the Prophet River Mile 222 Airstrip. Our pilots are safe and have a vast knowledge of the area. Whether you are heading into town from a rural cabin or heading out on a hunting trip, you'll receive efficient, comfortable transport from point A to point B.

Charter Flights

Fly anywhere in northeastern British Columbia with our charter flights. Go on a hunting trip deep in the wilderness, or trust in our reliable pilots to transport you into or out of remote areas for supplies. We're the only company that offers flights that are capable of landing in rural locations. Our planes are equipped with Tundra tires to ensure a safe landing.

Departing Charter Plane

Our Planes

Your chartered flight may take place on one of several aircraft in our fleet. Options include:

Super Cub

This single-passenger plane can carry approximately 500 lbs. The Super Cub can land on 500 to 600' airstrips and gravel bars.


This is a three-passenger plane. The 185 can carry approximately 800 lbs. and land on 800 to 1,000' airstrips.


This five-passenger plane can carry approximately 1,000 lbs. The 206 can land on 1,000' airstrips.


This is our seven-passenger plane, capable of carrying approximately 1,500 lbs. The Beaver can land on 1,000' airstrips.